Pat Flynn’s Podcast Increased His Audience By 19%

by Dave on November 26, 2011

Pat Flynn is the man behind the Smart Passive Income Blog. He has (as of 11/2011) 33,351 subscribers to his blog. He actually posts income reports on his website. Here is his income over the last year:

October 2011 – $38,612.90
September 2011 – $36.592.27
August 2011 – $34,034.40
July 2011 – $32,851.84
June 2011 – $30,393.49
May 2011 – $26,609.13
April 2011 – $41,634.24
March 2011 – $29,429.93
February 2011 – $24,616.83
January 2011 – $35,607.11
December 2010 – $23,646.83
November 2010 – $21,641.75
October 2010 – $17,905.88

From Oct/2010 – Oct 2011 = $393,576.60

He recently did a talk at blog World Expo (YouTube Video)about how we should “Be Everywhere.” In the talk he mentions how podcasting has boosted his traffic.  In his talk he mentions that if your “Just going to stick to your blog you’re going to limit your reach.” He had learned about Internet Marketing through the Internet Business Mastery Academy  and learned how a voice can add intimacy to your content.

Pat put a question that ONLY appeared on his blog. It was, “How did you find me?”Over 1700 people responded.  The top answer? His podcast. 20% of his blog readers found him in iTunes. This was more than YouTube, more than links from other sites, the NUMBER ONE WAY people found Pat was THROUGH HIS PODCAST.


Here are some fun numbers to think about:

37,000,000 – Number of people who have a Gym /Fitness Club Membership

97,000,000 – Number of people who actually drive to work ALONE.

Average Commute is 26.4 minutes

50,000,000 iPhones have been sold through April 8th, 2010

275,000,000 iPods have been sold through 9/1/2010

numbers courtesy of Cliff Ravenscraft

A Podcast is Simply Audio Tied to a Blog Post – Your 70% There!

Learn to Podcast - Step By StepThe thing that drives me absolutely crazy is that there are bloggers who have free articles on their website, and GREAT content in their blog posts. All of  this content is for free. Yet they don’t see why they should record as audio and put it out as a podcast. Why? Because its great content and millions of people are STARVING for good content (have you listened to the Radio lately – oofah!).  So many bloggers are using WordPress (which is the platform I recommend) and are simply a few plugins away from being ready to podcast.

Jump In the Podcast Pool – Start a Podcast Today

If you are a blogger looking to turn their content into a podcast, don’t get hung up on the steps to start a podcast. I’ve got podcasting tutorials to walk you through, or you can hire me as a Podcast Consultant to set up your podcast and walk you through all of your questions – and let you get back to creating great content – for a much bigger audience.

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